14 Oct 2021

John Bucklin Art Show, as Curated by Four Seasons Art Consultant Maria Di Grande, Finds Inspiration from Nature

Four Seasons residents who have been captivated by the artwork found throughout the building will want to soak in the work of artist John Bucklin, whose latest show consisting of paintings from 2016-21 will be exhibited through the end of the month at the Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco.

Bucklin is a fourth-generation San Franciscan currently living in San Rafael, and his latest show was curated by none other than Maria Di Grande, the art consultant for the Four Seasons Private Residences.

“Painting is my life’s purpose; it’s where I find joy and peace,” Bucklin said in his artists’ statement. “When I feel the creative flow and energy going through my work, I have the experience of being whole. It is the language I am most comfortable using to express who I am; I speak with my brushstrokes.”

Bucklin was trained in the classic tradition at the Florence Academy of Art, and he continued in his studies in New York City, earning a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. His work has been shown in galleries and art shows across the nation.

He is an avid outdoorsman who finds inspiration in his adventures – whether hiking 14,000 feet up on Mount Shasta, rafting the Grand Canyon or fly fishing in Montana.

“All these adventures push me further, and are a metaphor for my creative process,” he said.

His art captures the beauty and wonder of the wilderness – from majestic rivers, oceans, deserts, sunsets and mountains, to simpler objects such as rocks and wildflowers.

“In my ocean wave-scapes, I strive to capture the mystery and power of the ocean, the complexity of its currents and riptides,” the artist said. “In my landscapes, I hope to recreate the incredible beauty I find in the natural world, a constant source of inspiration for me.

“I am also drawn to finding beauty in the simplicity of ordinary objects: an avocado, pair or red cowboy boots, straw hat.”

Di Grande, a collector and a friend of Buckley for years, teamed up with Themes and Project Gallery to curate and present the show.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 30 at 1275 Minnesota St., in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch neighborhood. Log onto minnesotastreetproject.com for further information.